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Randy Pennington's Results Rule! “Buy it, take it home, and read every word before your competitor does.”
Joe Calloway, Author of
Indispensable - How to Become the Company that Your Customers Can't Live Without
Randy Pennington An incredible formula for success...
Based on Randy Pennington's more than 20 years of experience helping organizations lead and perform more effectively, Results Rule! shows how to create a corporate culture that sets you apart in the hearts and minds of your marketplace.
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Your organization is either a hero, has-been, or wanna-be.

Creating a Results Rule! culture will turn your uniqueness into a completive asset. Results Rule! is about getting focused on producing results year after year after year and breaking out of the me too club.

Learn to build a successful culture within your organization!

Results Rule! provides strategies and concepts to create a culture that sets your organization apart in a marketplace where products and services are increasingly seen as being interchangeable.

For a sustainable competitive advantage, Pennington provides real world strategies to:

  • Focus energy on the fundamentals of good business
  • Leverage the power of partnerships with customers and employees
  • Encourage your workforce to do what's best rather that what's easiest
  • Create accountability at every level
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Buy Results Rule!
Buy Results Rule!

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